What we do

(0 – 3 years)

Our baby/toddler parties have been specifically created from our experience in hosting mummy-baby classes. They are beautifully mastered, musical parties, with funked up nursery rhymes and made magnificent with innovative props. Our entertainers will look like they are moving in!

Our entertainers have each undergone specific training to deliver this package, as we know that entertaining and engaging babies & toddlers is a very unique skill!

With a gentle and calm start, we gradually increase the energy as we take the kids on a fun filled magical adventure where every song comes with a new bag of props & ends with a mini disco (with bubbles & foam)!

(4 – 5 years)

Our 4-5 year old parties are jam packed full of imaginative play! We take the kids on an epic adventure to suit any theme.

From superhero strength training to princess etiquette skills, these parties are filled with age-appropriate music, endless props for the children to engage with and brought to life with bubbles, dancing & imaginative fun!

Our entertainers have each undergone specific training to deliver this package, so you can expect the party to be pitched perfectly for the group, no matter the variety in ages, genders, abilities, likes & interests.

(5 – 7 years)

These can be seriously high energy! Our 5+ parties are overflowing with dancing, games (traditional and/or modern adaptations) and silly/slapstick fun!

Most parties follow a special theme such as ‘Princess/Superhero party’ or ‘Jedi training camp’, and with over 200 costumes to choose from, we have something for everyone!

We are also more than happy to take it down a notch and prepare something low key and relaxed. The options are endless and if there is something you want that isn’t on our list, get in touch and we’ll make it happen!

(8 – 12 years)

8 going on 18...

We know how important it is for this age group that the party feels mature and pitched appropriately.

Our 8+ parties can therefore be made up of a number of options with highlights including the chocolate challenge and cereal box game.

We create the perfect package for your child based on their likes/dislikes and can feature other elements such as pamper, football, karaoke, foam disco, team games, TikTok/Street Dance routines, escape rooms and more...

From our own venue in West London (Cody Studios), we create personalised, themed birthday parties for children aged 0 to 14 years. The top floor houses files, charts, and dedicated admin staff. Below, our ‘Aladdin’s cave’ is brimming over with costumes and props galore!

We are happy to come to you or the venue of your choice. We host parties in homes, parks, playgroups, hospitals, day centers, church halls, restaurants - you name it! We have even travelled as far as Europe, Thailand and Hong Kong! If you are struggling to find the perfect venue, let us know! We have an extensive list of recommended venues that we have worked in in London and surrounding areas.

Having a school disco or playgroup party? Our talented entertainers would love to come and help make your the event extra special! We love celebrating festivals such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, Ramadan, Diwali and Chinese New Year.

Need entertainers for a wedding, christening or corporate event? Look no further! We have hosted many events of this nature of the years, and can create the perfect package to suit the occasion.

Special needs? Please consider us for quieter or more specialised events such as parties for special needs children or events in hospitals. We have experience in giving parties to young people with mild to severe and complex special needs, and for those courageous young fighters battling chronic illness. Ruth has first hand experience with her beautiful younger sister who has Rett syndrome.

Give us a call – we would love to talk to you about providing your child with the party of their dreams!